Monday, 13 April 2015

Life is Beautiful!!!!

Can anyone guess at what point of time we're going to leave this world? Absolutely not!!!! In this Life what really we are doing?? Are we living this life peacefully??? 
Life is beautiful; but how many of us enjoy ourselves or cherish each moment? Life is not always a bed of roses. Of course sometimes will tend to see thorns also!!!! If Life is always easy going, then there won't be anything interesting to think about, isn't it??? 
Life is a mixture of full of Emotions and drama like Joy, Happiness, success, misery, sorrow, defeats, problems etc., No human on earth can assure that he/she may not come across struggle or failure. It is part and parcel of life. One will come across full of ups and downs.

For some, life is just “a fun or enjoying factor”, were neither come across any kind of struggles or failure in life. But once come a crossed the difficult situations, it’s hard to take even small decision and see life with all negative view which will stop doing nothing that can create a good fortune.Group of people spend life, thinking what is important but never find it. But get lost and forget what is most important.
But for some, Life is full of struggle or failures. Example: Many successful leaders, entrepreneurs who had struggled in initials stages in order to achieve their ambitions, later on grown enormously in Business field. 

Challenges will make us realize our strength. It may test patience, perseverance and true spirit towards realizing dreams & goals. The person, who can face up the challenge in life, can do anything in order to succeed. One may fall down 10,000 times but again should try and try hard until accomplished something.  

Never lose hope! As saying, 'tomorrow never dies'. One has to struggle hard in order to overcome fear in oneself. Keep moving forward in quest for victory, no matter how hard the journey is…….

To conclude with, Life is to live, live like there is no tomorrow!! Do what matters for you and do that with full heart; same times prepare to bear some pricks of pain. Life is too simple; don’t make it too complicated with quarrels or fights. Everyone deserves to live their life peacefully. Yesterday is gone!! Future is unknown!! Cherish and capture the present moment, go crazy, Explore your True Self!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day is a reminder from God that something needs to be done by us.....